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DIY/DFY – To Do Or Not To Do – That Is The Question.


Well technically it’s not the question; you have to do social or you’ll be left in your competitors wake coughing on the dust of their success. But should you manage these social endeavours yourself (DIY) i.e spending countless hours generating original content, posting to multiple networks, monitoring customer feedback, creating advertisements, running competitions, conducting audits and basically becoming a social media guru yourself (if this is you – check out our DIY training course– where you can learn to do it all yourself) 


Should you have someone do all this for you (DFY) effectively freeing up your time to work on your business doing what you love?   Lets face it – DIY is appealing to us small business owners for many reasons – some of us are simply born geniuses, like those who can single handedly put together an entire room of Ikea furniture with a single Allen key! (um.. this definitely isn’t me) Some of us are simply control freaks that like to do everything ourselves (ahem) and others (most small biz owners, myself included) simply do not have a personal genie that winds back the hands on the clock or reigns cash from the sky whenever its needed and therefore we have no other choice but to DIY our little hearts out to get results.  

If you fall into the latter and you’re the “I can do this stuff myself (and save a squillion)- I just need a plan/kick up the butt to point me in the right direction kinda guy/gal?” Then this package below is just the right mix of DIY/DFY for you to instantly get a “Bang for your buck”.



Having a custom plan/schedule that will tell you exactly what to do every week for 8 weeks to build your online social presence and brand; including the catchy article titles that will have your audience glued to their seats in anticipation of your next post/blog. This way, all you will need to do is create content according to the media plan and distribute it to your online social media network and wallah your well on your way to social bliss!

What’s included:

An 8 week do-it-yourself social media plan that includes:

  • Awesome article titles
  • Category/Hashtags
  • Suggested SM Posting Channels
  • Blog commenting tasks
  • Excerpt content tasks
  • Excerpt presentation assignment
  • Press release assignment
  • Video task

You will also receive the How to Guide/e-book “The Ultimate Social Media Plan” a 35 page e-book on Social Media Marketing, jam packed with sensational information on how you can take the reigns on your social media presence and make it your marketing workhorse.   But wait – there’s MORE.. if you order now you will get not one, but TWO sets of super sharp steak knives! Ok I’m kidding about the steak knives, but it’s it’s the same principle, you do get a whole bunch of best selling DIY extras that will help put an end to your social awkwardness and make you socially brilliant once and for all!


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Lets get to it shall we?


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