Social Management

Ok, so you’ve ventured into the social realm, you’ve dipped your toes into the pools of social media. You’ve got a few swanky profiles set up, your custom designed header is sending all the right messages, you’ve even managed to collect a few followers and pull off a lil engagement (ok – so maybe your friends and family are the only ones commenting on how awesome your posts are) but your feelin pretty darn impressed that your business has gone social at all. So now what? Where to next?   Well, the KEY to GETTIN SOCIAL is to BE SOCIAL! Uh huh – that’s right, you better throw on those glam little wings and act all butterfly like if you are going to start a real following. Groan.. you mean it’s a daily activity, across multiple networks? Managing, following, commenting, posting, liking & listening? Yup, there’s no doubt about it, in order to build your business online you cant sit around and expect your followers to beat a path to your door – you need a plan. Sorry, what was that? You don’t have the time, the resources, and you don’t know where to begin?

Then lets do somethin about it shall we?


  • Having a kick ass social strategy that gives you lightening fast business exposure and brings in more of those leads
  • Being able to focus on what you do best (your biz) and having some enviable work/life balance.
  • Having your buzz be smarter, more engaged, and all around more interesting.
  • Having a helping hand to create likeable, shareable, actionable content
  • Having your social sites practically run on auto pilot
  • Having blush worthy customer relationships with your clients that love what you do.




Savvy Social Media Management is a package designed JUST for YOU savvy business owners wanting to get a head start on your social buzz and get those customers following you like you’re the pied piper. The sooner you get the party started on your social, the sooner you’ll have that bangin brand you’ve hoped for.

Every Management Package Includes:

  • Daily posts/tweets to your chosen platform (weekdays)
  • A detailed description of the proposed content for your approval
  • Scheduled publishing of your approved content
  • Social audience building
  • Daily monitoring of content of interest i.e. followers, posts, likes, comments
  • # Hashtag suggestions related to your business
  • A neat little report every month telling you how many new followers you have, what posts worked & how you can leverage your stuff going forward.

So, If you’re thinking “Hell yeh and high five, where do I sign up? Click below:

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*For and investment of only $249 Per Month, plus no ongoing contracts you can sign up for as little or as long as you like.

What Now?

Click the “Sign Up Now” button above
I’ll shoot you a questionnaire to get all the juicy details on your biz and its current social status. (where, what, how, when and why kinda stuff)
Next I’ll infuse your plan with a little social shazam and create your savvy strategy.
We will then have a mini pow wow (skype or phone) and discuss how its all going to work and any questions you might have about moving your biz towards social success.
I’ll get cracking on your super special customized plan and send you a complete outline of what to expect and when.

Social Networks Supported:


Monitor Boards, images, likes, followers & keyword searches.

Interact by posting branded images, liking boards/images, commenting & repining.



Monitor Page, likes, comments & popular #hashtags.

Engage by posting branded images, commenting and liking other images.



Monitor Business Page, Newsfeeds & Timelines.

Engage using Posts, Targeted Posts, Replies, Private Messages, Comments & Events.



Monitor page activity & comments.

Engage by posting videos (provided by you) and adding comments.



Monitor followers, mentions, lists, direct messages @user streams, retweets & favourites.

Engage using Tweets, Retweets, Favourites & Direct Messages.


Monitor Company pages and individual profiles, discussions, comments & updates. Engage using posts, targeted posts, establishing connections, creating comments, likes & interacting in group discussions.