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Social Media – A Beginner’s Guide To BuildingYour Brand

 For small businesses just getting started, the world of social media can seem a little exasperating! This article gives you a quick rundown on where to start, how to gain followers, how often to post, what kind of content to post and where.


The Hashtag Basics – How To Use Hashtags On Social Media Networks

What are hashtags, how do you use them, which networks are they on, should you create your own hashtag or jump on those that are trending and how do you measure ones that are popular with your audience?? Get the rundown on all you need to know to about hashtags from Sproutsocial.


5 Ways to Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level

 Many people claim Pinterest is overtaking Google as the most popular search engine. Do you use Pinterest for your business? Learn 5 ways to take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level in this article by Cynthia Sanchez.


Instagram For Business: 12 Answers To The Biggest Questions

This article by Kevan Lee over at Buffer covers everything you need to know and get started on Instagram. Image sizes, analytics tools, post timing, hashtags, how to run a contest – basically everything you need to create your Instagram strategy.


Social Media Newsworthy Updates

Ello – Want to join the new popular invitation ONLY social network?

Find out how you can get your own Ello Invitation code and be among the first to join! “Simple, beautiful & ad-free.” The Anti-Facebook social network…


Facebook changes its algorithm again!! Here’s the scoop:

1. Trending topics will be given more weight in news feed

2. Timing is everything: Likes and comments will now be given more weight “when” they are shared.

Find out more about what’s changed in the new algorithm and how you can take advantage of these changes.


Facebook is Cracking Down Hard on These Types of Updates – So Stop Sharing Them!

The new crackdowns mean no more click-baiting to useless content (meaning your links better lead to useful stuff) creating a better user experience and less time wasted being redirected to irrelevant external content. In addition Facebook are also giving more value to links with images rather than images with links – if this has you completely confused check out the post for a visual explanation!