One Pin Can Launch an Entire Company - Is That Pin Yours?

Pinspire and be Pinspired!


Want to get your brand, product or service in front of millions of prospects and create an enthusiastic following with those who are eager to learn, likely to buy and love sharing? Oh and did I mention – FREE! Who doesn’t love free advertising, am I right? Pinterest offers this and more.

Pinterest is one of the big players in social networking today, shooting to the front of the pack at breakneck speed.. so if you haven’t jumped on the pintatstic bandwagon and think its just for bored housewives (planning a tea party or searching for dinner ideas) – the you had better think again.


Pinterest facts and Stats:

  • Pinterest has been the fastest growing social media network to date – with 70 mil active users, since pinning started in 2010 (61% joined since 2012)
  • Its SEO properties are some of the best in the industry (next to Google+)
  • Pinterest shoppers spend more ($80 order avg) , buy more items ( 1 in 5 buy items they pin), and make more purchases (21% users have purchased items found on site) than any other social media buyers including Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Imagine getting a bigger piece of that pie?!
  • Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of social media traffic after Facebook
  • The main demographic of Pinterest users range between the ages of 25 and 34, followed closely by those who are aged 35 to 44
  • Pinterest users spend more time on pinterest than any other social platform – (15 mins)


How to get your business to go viral on Pinterest and other pinteresting ideas.

  • Start with an eye-catching profile – Create a snazzy bio and add a familiar profile image (logos are great).
  • Create Interesting boards that display your brands personality & choose compelling cover pins.
  • Keywords and hashtags get you more pins so include the most relevant ones in your description when pinning
  • Word count for pin description should be between 200-300 characters
  • Create and join collaborative boards that are relevant to your audience
  • Link pins back to your site (you are advertising your biz after all)
  • Pin it big – vertical images get more repins and get your brand noticed
  • Include a call to action
  • Best time to pin is on Saturdays, 2.00-4.00pm and 8.00-11.00pm


Still a little overwhelmed? Want a hand setting it all up?

Then have me do it all for you and lets get pinning…


Pinterest Design & Set-Up:

  • Custom Business Page set-up, with your logo, name, business description & location
  • Create your first 5 (Keyword rich) SEO optimized boards – with 50 starter pins (provided by you, or repins) relating to your biz.
  • Create 5 publish ready branded & designed pins (with your quotes/tips/stats) with links (back to your site) to get your name out there.
  • Start you off with a handful of targeted followers to help your pins go viral
  • Plus The “Pinterest Expert” – ebook

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