Google+ Page Set-Up & Design

Sure you can ignore Google+, if you don’t care about search or authority. (Why finding your G spot is good for business).

Google+ Page Set-Up & Design 


We all know Google is the big Kahuna of search engines, which means that Google+ as a social network has the ultimate search ability! So you better stop shying away from your G spot and pay some serious attention to this platform.

Of course you could pay exorbitant amounts ($1000+ mth) of dough in SEO (search engine optimisation) so that your site starts to climb in the Google rankings (and I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t) but for businesses just starting out what better way to get FREE COVERAGE and search rankings than posting to your G+ page?

At the time of writing this (before my website has even gone live) I’d already come across 9 posts of mine on PAGE 1 of Google directly pointing to my G+ account. Now if your clever and these posts link back to your website, you’ve just gained FREE traffic from page 1 of Google, which would take you months to achieve the same results elsewhere.


Google Page One


Are you following?

Google+  = Free Web Traffic = Page 1 = More $$ for your biz


Enuf said?!

For this reason alone you should be scrambling to get your G+ account going.


So Here’s the offer:

  • Set up customised business profile page with your logo, name, business description/bio, website link, location & tagline (must already have a personal profile, or can be set up for an additional $19).
  • Create custom designed & branded page
  • Create Custom Google+ page URL
  • Link Google+ to your website (if you have one)
  • Give you a mini list of popular #hashtags to use for your business

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