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5 Reasons Why Small Business Should Use Social Media

Over the last few years, social media has grown prominently and has been an increasing necessity for businesses, large and small. Marketers undoubtedly recommend social media as the key ingredient to a complete and successful marketing plan. But, is building a social media presence really worth the time and effort? Of what significance is social media to small businesses?

Your business can experience great returns by applying an effective social media-marketing plan. These returns which can greatly influence your business include:


1. Social Media Greatly Impacts Your Organic Search Results

What you may (or may not know), is that by creating optimized and compelling content and posts across your social media platforms you increase your chances of business success via organic traffic from search engines, giving you enhanced SEO power for little to no investment!

Social media takes care of this for you, your broadcasted content gets seen by a wide range of people, who may share this with their families and loved ones who help spread your content among a wider range of prospects within a very short time. These prospects then visit your website, subscribe or even link to you on the web giving you a backlink and more SEO value. Google engineer Matt Cutts also recently stated that backlinks from social media plays a huge role in a websites ranking on Google (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofhwPC-5Ub4 ) so not only does social media send traffic to your website, it equally helps you rank higher in search engines. As I’ve previously mentioned–before my website was even live, my social media pages appeared on page one of google 9 times for specific search terms.


2. Social Media Reduces Your Overall Marketing Costs             

It’s far more cost effective posting a tweet or sharing a status on Facebook as compared to running a paid ad or print campaign. Social media’s advanced marketing tools give small businesses the ability to synchronize both keyword- and demographic-specific information into your campaigns which helps target your ideal customers and is vital for campaign success.


 3. Social Media Provides A New Medium For Customer Service

Social Media sites are usually designed with a high level of interactivity in mind. This enables users to effortlessly communicate within the platform. This can be hugely beneficial in offering quick and responsive customer service as your customers will find it easy to communicate directly with you on social media (either by posting comments or direct messages), than by contacting you through email or a website contact form. Also you can seamlessly reply back (publicly or privately) increasing interactivity between you and your customers, which establishes credibility for your business.


4. Social Media Allows You To Connect With Other Businesses

Social media’s interactivity gives you the opportunity of not only connecting to customers, but other skilled entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world which might be otherwise be socially or geographically inaccessible. Connecting with fellow business owners has the potential to open up further opportunities, strategic partnerships or the ability to gain in industry related information to help your business grow.


5. Social Media Helps You Design Your Own Online Personality

Social media is a great way to express your authentic business personality. It helps you build a better personality for your business and your customers get to know more about you, your workspace, your employees, what goes on behind the scenes and more. Establishing a persona for your brand gives it a human quality that people can relate to and connect with, thereby establishing loyalty and trust.