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Welcome to Socially Apt, your one stop shop for all things social. We help small business owners just like you become successful online by taking the headache out of social media for you. If you need to give your business the SOCIAL WOW.. you’ve come to the right place!

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Hi, Im danni

A Savvy-Solo-Social-preneur from the land Down Under, helping small business owners, just like you rock your online social presence so you can create your dream business and build an enviable social following.

Whether your business is just dipping its toes in the water or shooting the Banzai Pipeline, I’m your go-to-girl for all things social (training, strategy, advertising, design).I’m an occasional word-weaver, avid learner (two Degrees and counting), and I’m no kook when it comes to graphic design and photography. FYI, I’m also Mum to a wonderful teenage daughter and a gorgeous chocolate lab (as in the dog, not the Willy Wonka kind), I love all that glitters and it’s useless to speak to me before I’ve had my first triple shot macchiato.

When I’m not being a social butterfly for my clients, you can usually spot me surfing up a storm (the digital kind of course), strolling about the local marketplaces, reading a fantasy novel (usually about vampires or witches) or attempting some new fan dangled DIY project.

So come connect with me, after all to get social – You gotta be social!

Look forward to hearing from you – Yours Socially Danni xo  

Million People Log Into Facebook Daily

Million Instagram Users

Million Twitter Accounts

Billion Spent In Online Ads


How To Conduct A Social Media Audit

It is very important for every business to conduct social media audits (monthly, annually). Just like any other type of audit, social media audits can help business owners/management identify weaknesses, enhance credibility and reliability and finally improve their presence in the market.

5 Reasons Why Small Business Should Use Social Media

Over the last few years, social media has grown prominently and has been an increasing necessity for businesses, large and small. Marketers undoubtedly recommend social media as the key ingredient to a complete and successful marketing plan. But, is building a social media presence really worth the time and effort? Of what significance is social media to small businesses?

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